11 Dec 2015

NJJN: A Moral Obligation to Meet the Promise of Fairness and Justice for Our Children

The American juvenile justice system was founded over a century ago on the basic (and correct) premise that children are different from adults and that dealing with crimes committed by them requires a different set of tools. Yet it seems that over time, the system has morphed into something never intended: one that actually punishes children more harshly than it would adults in similar situations …

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07 Oct 2015

How to Repair the Criminal Justice System

by Scott Budnick, film producer and founder of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition About ten years ago, a friend in the movie industry invited me to attend a writing workshop at Sylmar Juvenile Hall in Los Angeles County with the InsideOUT Writers program. I immediately signed on to teach classes, and began visiting juvenile halls weekly to mentor incarcerated youth, while executive-producing …

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05 Oct 2015

Governor Jerry Brown Signs SB 261!

SACRAMENTO, CA – The Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC) applauds California Governor Jerry Brown for signing SB 261: Parole Review for Young Adults with Lengthy or Life Sentences on October 3, 2015, significantly strengthening California’s criminal justice system. Authored by Senator Loni Hancock (D-Berkeley), SB 261 passed the Senate and Assembly with strong bi-partison support. ARC sponsored SB 261 with Human Rights …

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25 Aug 2015

ABC Nightline: Hollywood Producer Turned Prison Mentor Offers California Inmates New Hope

As valedictorian of his graduating class, 26-year-old Sean Wilson was beaming as he got in line with about 100 other men to receive his college diploma. But this wasn’t a typical college graduation. Wilson and his fellow classmates are all convicts, serving time at California’s Ironwood State Prison, and this graduation ceremony was held behind bars with correction officers watching …

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24 Aug 2015

ARC Members Star in Closer to the Cuts Video Project

Susan Sobel, ARC Ally, InsideOUT Writers (IOW) teacher and second-year law student at Seattle University, created Closer to the Cuts to lift the voices of incarcerated youth and change the narrative around criminal justice reform. In Susy’s own words, “Closer to the Cuts is a visual interpretation of a poem that was born from my experiences working as a poetry …

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15 Aug 2015

The California Report: How a Hollywood Producer Became an Advocate for Juvenile Offenders

Scott Budnick, producer of The Hangover series, put his Hollywood career on hold to start the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC). It’s a non-profit that helps formerly incarcerated young men and women transition back to life on the outside. Listen to the full radio interview by clicking play below.

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01 Aug 2015

NY Times Highlights ARC Ride Home Program

When California voters amended the state’s harsh three-strikes law in 2012, they ensured that nonviolent third offenses would no longer lead to life sentences. Significantly, they made about 3,000 people serving those life sentences suddenly eligible for release. Since then, more than 2,000 have emerged after years in prison into worlds dramatically transformed from those they left behind. This Op-Doc …

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22 Jul 2015

The Guardian: Scott Budnick, Hollywood Blockbuster Producer, Gave It All Up To Reform Prisons

As he sits in the airport waiting for a flight, 22-year-old James Anderson talks about his life before, during and after incarceration with breathtaking candidness. He runs through his teenage years spent in and around the San Fernando valley, revealing a catalogue of drug addiction, brutal physical abuse by his father, suicide attempts, being sucked “in deep” into gangs and …

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14 Jul 2015

Watch the 9-min doc of TEDx at Ironwood State Prison!

What were Richard Branson, Sean Stephenson, and the Jabbawokeez doing inside Ironwood State Prison? Be part of the experience and watch the short 9-minute documentary here! https://youtu.be/yog403ksGqk

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04 May 2015

Scott Budnick Appointed to Advisory Board of My Brother’s Keeper Alliance

NEW YORK, NY – Today, Scott Budnick, the Founder and President of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC), was appointed by President Obama to serve on the Advisory Council of the My Brother’s Keeper Alliance (MBK Alliance). The MBK Alliance is made up of a diverse group of leaders from across the country, including successful business leaders, high-profile entertainers, government officials, and leading nonprofit …

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21 Apr 2015

John Legend and ARC Member James Anderson Discuss 2015 Survivors Speak Conference

Singer John Legend got behind the microphone at the Sacramento Convention Center on Monday, not to perform, but to advocate for social change. “I don’t want to live in a nation that criminalizes addiction and poverty,” Legend said. He’s using his voice to call for less punishment for crime and more crime prevention. He addressed the audience at “Survivors Speak”, …

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13 Apr 2015

Newt Gingrich: A Second Chance for Youth Offenders

by Newt Gingrich Last month, I was honored to co-host an amazing and genuinely bipartisan summit on criminal-justice reform, along with my friends Van Jones, Donna Brazile, and Pat Nolan. Nearly 600 citizens from both parties came together to discuss real solutions for our country’s failing incarceration system. The day surfaced an extraordinary range of good ideas, but one in …

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