SB 9- Offers people sentenced to life without parole as juveniles an opportunity for a new sentence with the possibility of parole.

350 people impacted


SB 260- Allows people under the age of 18 at the time of their crime, tried as an adult and sentenced to prison, to be eligible for a Youth Offender Parole Board hearing.

4,000 people impacted


AB 1276- Ensures that young people under the age of 22 at the time they enter prison are less likely to be placed on the most dangerous prison yards and are more likely to have access to rehabilitative programs and services.

6,500 people impacted


SB 261- Expands age eligibility for a Youth Offender Parole Board hearing to 18 through 22 year olds.

14,000 people impacted


PROP 57- Approved with over 65% of the vote, strengthened California’s justice system and increased public safety by expanding rehabilitation in prisons and improving the process by which youth can be tried as adults.

11,500 people impacted


AB 1308- Requires the Board of Parole Hearings to conduct youth offender parole hearings for people sentenced to state prison who committed those specific crimes when they were 25 years of age or younger.

3,000 people impacted


SB 1391- Will prohibit 14 and 15 year olds from being tried in adult court or being sent to adult prison, ensuring that every youth has access to the rehabilitative services the juvenile system can provide.

1,500 people impacted

2018 Cont.

SB 1437- Ends California’s felony murder rule that holds accomplices to the same standard as those who actually committed the crime.

800 people impacted

2019 Priorities

ACA 6- In California, nearly 50,000 people who are currently working, paying taxes, raising families and on parole are not allowed to vote. Our #Freethevote campaign restores the right to vote to Californians on parole.

41,000 + people impacted