2nd Chance Pre-Apprenticeship Program

Andrew Garcia

Having spent two years incarcerated, I've been in the program for seven months now, making significant progress in just nine weeks. ARC has provided me with a solid foundation to support my two young sons. Attending a PAC meeting at Compton College opened my eyes to new possibilities, and since joining ARC, I've seen rapid progress and countless opportunities for success. The program offers support and guidance from individuals who understand the challenges of reentering society, making it a vital resource for anyone seeking positive change.

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Shawn Roman

My name is Shawn Roman, and I'm part of ARC's 20th Second Chance Pre-Apprenticeship Program at the East Los Angeles Occupational Center. This program has been life-changing for me, especially after spending 15 years in prison. Now involved with the Amity Foundation's reentry program, I feel blessed to be here. The program has prepared me for careers in building trades unions, teaching me accountability, responsibility, and discipline through daily routines. It's given me hope for a better future where I can support my family and inspire the next generation. I'm motivated to succeed in any union career I pursue, knowing it will benefit not just me, but also those who have supported me along the way.

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