They Surprised Me

In episode 10 you’ll hear trailblazing ARC Member Celia Perez share her experience of surviving prison, finding her truest self, and her struggle with post-incarceration anxieties in every day life. Celia bonds with hosts Norma and Shone over shared reentry anxieties like overpasses, busses, and Chili’s. They also explore different Free World problems like bills, healthcare, and sharing unique institutional experiences with family.

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Lifting Each Other Up

In Episode 11, our holiday special and the season finale of Free World’s debut season, our hosts and production team chat about their experiences around the holiday season during and after incarceration. Exploring the hard times, the joy, and the unique traditions they built throughout their holidays inside those prison walls.

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He Needed His Mother

In Episode 9 of Free World, you'll hear from courageous ARC member Candice Lewis about family--as she explores with Norma and Shone her roles as mother, daughter, and friend. After being incarcerated for 14 years and surviving a life sentence, Candice talks candidly and beautifully about the effects prison had on her relationships and how she earned her freedom to be reunited with her son--and what it's like being back home. She'll also talk about leaving the family she made inside prison behind.

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Who We Leave Behind

In Episode 8, you’ll meet Rose Brown, one of the producers of Free World. Rose explores with deep empathy and heart who it is she left behind when she came home from prison after surviving a life sentence. She talks with love, care, and humor about what it’s like to explore a relationship after incarceration and what the future has in store for her. Plus, you’ll get to hear the voice and mind of one of our amazing Free World team members working behind the scenes!

2022-01-15T23:47:48+00:00November 2, 2021|

I Choose Me

In Episode 7, you’ll hear from Alyssa Gallo, producer and editor of Free World. You’ll hear her inspiring story of leaving prison in both literal and metaphorical senses. As a trans woman, Alyssa shares her lived experience with a deluge of truth and courage. You’ll hear about the difficulties of living her authentic identity, one ultimately rooted in transformational power. You’ll also get to know who has been behind the scenes on audio for the Free World team!

2022-01-15T23:41:23+00:00October 20, 2021|

Distracted From My Blessings

In Episode 6 of Free World, you’ll meet ARC Member Blanca Ruiz-Thompson and hear her story of overcoming the cycles of violence and incarceration that has plagued so many families. Blanca’s resilience and dedication to choosing love over violence and refusing to be distracted from her blessings, has made her into the incredible wife, mother, and advocate she is today.

2022-01-15T23:49:18+00:00September 21, 2021|
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