We are enraged at the recent Supreme Court decision (Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization) to overturn Roe v. Wade. We recognize this as an attack on human rights.

We know incarcerated women are and have historically been impacted by reproductive oppression, including forced sterilization in California prisons this century. All people in prison do not have full control of their bodies. This decision is one that limits women’s and pregnant people’s bodily autonomy and control over their own lives. It strikes fear, uncertainty, and despair in the hearts and lives of many women throughout this country, including in our community.

Further, women in communities across the United States who are subject to surveillance due to being on parole or probation are especially at risk. Whether through the use of GPS ankle monitors, limits on travel out of state, or other forms of monitoring, women under supervision by states or counties will suffer from further restrictions on bodily autonomy and have lessened freedom to direct their own lives.

As an organization, we’re taking the time to listen to those most affected, support our community members and staff, and elevate partners organizations and incarcerated women leaders who have been working for the freedom of women in this country.

We lift up our partners Black Women for Wellness, Young Women’s Freedom Center, and A New Way of Life as they work to ensure the health and freedom of women in our communities.