Providing Public Comment on the Proposition 57 Emergency Regulations – The Proposition 57 Emergency Regulations have been released, and you can let CDCR know what you think! While there is much to be happy about, there are also areas of concern, such as the fact that many of the new credits are NOT retroactive. You may also have serious concerns about insufficient programming throughout California’s prisons.

During this public comment period, you have a chance to voice your thoughts and concerns, and help others voice their thoughts and concerns in letters to CDCR.

PLEASE follow the steps below to learn how to write and submit these letters.

Step 1: Go to:

Step 2: Select option number 2 where it says: Prop 57 Regulations Sample Letter with Instructions.

Step 3: Read through the presentation that says: Getting Our Voices Heard! Prop 57 Rulemaking,

Step 4: Click on the link that says: Prop 57 Regulations Sample Letter with Instructions.

These are PDF’s that will download to their computers. Very carefully follow these instructions!