Robert Shank

I recently graduated from the Ventura Training Center in Camarillo, California. Reflecting on my journey, I recognize the impact of past decisions on my life and feel a strong sense of indebtedness to the community. The program was incredibly challenging, testing me emotionally, physically, and mentally. However, the feeling of accomplishment upon completion is indescribable. This is just the first step in my journey, and despite my age, I'm determined to pursue a long career with Cal Fire. I want to encourage others, regardless of age, to join this program and give it their all. I've already accepted a job with Cal Fire, and I'm eagerly looking forward to starting.

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Guillermo Figueroa

Raised in Southern California, I did trade jobs like construction mechanic. Though firefighting wasn't in my plans, attending the Ventura Training Center changed everything. It's given me a bright future for my boys and filled me with pride. Despite past mistakes and incarceration, I seized the chance to become a professional firefighter after serving as an inmate firefighter. The bonds with my fellow firefighters are unparalleled—I'd lay down my life for them. Now, I'm set to start as a inspector in Monterey's B unit, a step toward my goal of joining Cal Fire.

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Carlos Gallegos

I’m doing fire work now because it has given me self confidence and self worth that I feel I used to lack. Nowadays I hold my head up high and take pride in everything I do because what I do has value that I truly appreciate. I’m no longer hurting the community, I’m giving back to it. I’m constantly humbled when I see my friends, family and strangers and they thank me for my service. I get a bit embarrassed by it to be honest.

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