Today, millions of CA voters approved Proposition 17, restoring the right to vote to over 50,000 Californians who have completed their prison terms. Together, we have freed the vote for our community members on parole!

We are so grateful to the organizations and individuals who drove this campaign and especially to the ARC members and staff who, after tonight, are no longer disenfranchised because of their supervision status. We want to send a special shout out to Jose Grano Gonzalez, Efrain Ortiz, Salim Allen, Mark Taylor, Raeshone Holmes, Jarret Keith, Alyssa Gallo, Cory Pepper, Jesse Cuevas, Sammy King, Curtis Nunez, Joshua Pinedo and so many others for their direct advocacy on behalf of Prop 17 and ACA 6.

We know how important your voices and so many thousands of others are and we’re grateful that Californians across this state voted to include you in our democracy. Our democracy now includes more of US!