Though we are disappointed to see Prop 25 fall short in front of CA voters, we will continue to fight for economic justice and equity at all levels of our systems, including pretrial detention.

We especially want to thank our partners at Californians for Safety and Justice, Western Center on Law on Poverty, SEIU California, League of Women Voters of CA, members of the CA legislature, and especially ARC members and staff Akilah Shands, Michael Mendoza, Esteban Nunez, Sam Lewis, and Dominique Davis for their tireless advocacy on behalf of this initiative.

We are committed to removing wealth as a primary determinant of freedom. We vow to work with the CA state legislature, formerly incarcerated people, community-based organizations, and counties to bring people home to their families, enhance safety for all, and make a world where all can thrive and be cared for outside of cages.