Last Tuesday, CA voters overwhelmingly rejected Prop 20 (62% NO, 38% YES), choosing to value hope and rehabilitation over more prison spending and excessive punishment. We are grateful to the millions of Californians who chose to move us forward, not back. We can’t celebrate this success without thanking all the organizations and individuals for their dedication and hard work.

Our community partners included justice reform orgs, law centers, public defenders, progressive district attorneys, labor unions, crime survivor orgs, education groups, faith groups, and CA legislators. As always, we are grateful to our members, staff, and formerly incarcerated community members leveraging their time, stories, and hearts to make our systems more just.

We are hopeful that the rejection of Prop 20 (and the resulting defense of Props 47, 57, and AB 109) gives way to further momentum of justice reform into 2021 and we’ll look forward to working with the above organizations and individuals to bring more of our people home.